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About Us

In all the nice things that happen in life, there is always a sweet story! Mine, started from my childhood.

One of my grandmothers was one of the best dessmakers in the island.
Ever since I can remember, I was surrounded by patterns, needles, colorful threads and fabrics.

My mum's parents were two people of artistic nature.
My grandfather and grandmother painted me so many beautiful things that I can not number them one by one.
Handicrafts, construction, decoration, handicrafts of all kinds.
I spent endless hours with them, creating many beautiful things that I keep to this day...

Even now, in my spare time, I make various constructions for me, my friends and my children. Especially my little ones that are 2 pink, sweet girls!
My son is very sweet but as a boy is not identical with my creations.

Searching for inspiration, I discovered other moms like me, who made this beautiful, especially handmade things with love and passion.

This space is an attempt to gather all that I make by myself and what I found in my searches and bring them near you, so you can easily and quickly be obtained in any place you go.

It is all made with love and love is the most precious present in our lives.


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